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Phil Hylander for Margate City Commission Seat 2 ---- Vote Tuesday, August 26th


Originally from Long Island, New York, I have lived in the same home in Margate since 1986. I am 60 years old. I have raised three children – they all went to Margate public schools.

I have been an entrepreneur for a number years prior to moving to Florida. I own Colonial Property Management and Colonial Realty, two successful businesses, both based in Margate.

I am running for City Commissioner so I can give back to the community that I have lived in for over 28 years. My business expertise in property management has provided me the insight  and the opportunity to see firsthand how other cities operate and now that knowledge can be put to use working to make Margate a better place to live and work. One of the largest opportunities I have seen is how other cities work to recruit and welcome new businesses.

While my political experience is not vast, I consider that an asset, as I do not look at issues from a political point of view… I see things from a business person and resident’s perspective and look for what is best for both residents and businesses. To run a successful small business, you have to be able to wear many hats – and the vast experience I have gained over the last 35 years will  be invaluable.

One thing I have to say up front….. I have lived in Broward County for over 28 years and have seen lots of things happen over the years, but what impressed me most – and I say this proudly as a resident of Margate – after hurricane Wilma, Margate was one of only 2 cities in Broward County that kept vital services operating without a hitch - no boil water warning was issued for Margate and the city streets never flooded due to the vigilance of Dept of Environmental Services and Public Works. Kudos to the folks that performed their jobs flawlessly during one of the worst times I can remember.